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Year of Yes blog series No.1 (Commentating and Interviewing)

Year of Yes blog series No.1 (Commentating&Interviewing)

In my last post I talked about how I decided to make this my very own Year of Yes and do my very first blog series. I vowed to say yes to more things thrown my way for a full year. Once a month towards the beginning of the month I will write about the major or fun things I said yes to the prior month as a sort of recap or one focused post. So here’s my very first post of the series. February: month of yes.
In my first ever blog post & a dash of Lezley, I mentioned that I was a competitive cheerleader for about 8 years and worked for a cheer and dance company called Super CDA. I can’t even begin to tell you the things that I have learned while cheering on an all-star team and working for this company. They have taught me so many life and business skills, as well as provided me with so many opportunities. Last month, they provided me with a really big and fun one! Read more…

college fashion-2

30 Day Arms Challenge (Toning & Muscle Building)

It’s Monday again! The first Monday of May starts the beginning of my 30 Day Arms Challenge for toning and building muscle. Arms are such a trouble area for many women so I decided to post a challenge that is easy to complete, but produces great results!
Use this workout on it’s own or add it to your regular workout regiment. This is an Instagram challenge. All you have to do is follow me on Instagram (@letlezley), and use the hashtag (#ArmBoss30) to show me your progress, or you working out. The more pictures you post with the hashtag, the more chances you have to win the challenge. Read more…

Survival guide for a long distance friendship

Survival Guide for a Long Distance Friendship

Friendships are relationships that need to be nurtured in different ways, and often stand the test of time if done right. For me, my close friends are as important to me as family. We share many parts of our lives, support each other, help each other in times of need, make sure that we grow in our lives, and provide each other with endless memories. It seems as if the older I get, there more everyone seems to be spreading out all over the country for jobs, family, relationships, and just for fun.
This year one of my best friends, Siobhan, moved away to Columbus, Ohio to become a flight attendant. As happy as I was for her, I quickly became bum-rushed with sadness when I realized that I would not be spending all of my weekends with her,  Read more…

Monday Motivation

Monday Inspiration

For me, the past few months have been jam-packed, and quite honestly a bit stressful! After so many new blogging ventures, events, and a family tragedy, I needed to regroup and I needed some inspiration. I needed to start this month off with a clear mind, and a new outlook on life and my future. While trying to dig through books and magazines, and just distract myself for some time, I came across a few quotes that really helped change my mood and and put me back on track mentally, so I’d like to share them with you guys! Read more…

Letlezley tries out the Yoga Fitness Passport

YogaFitness Passport: The 2nd Best Passport You’ll Ever Have

Although I love to workout, I sometimes get bored with regular workouts and repetition so I like to shake things up a bit. In trying to do this, and wanting to keep my workout regiment exciting, I discovered something called the YogaFitness Passport. The 2nd best passport you’ll ever have! The YF passport helps you find fun or specialized work out classes in your area.
It allows you to try different ones, even multiple times. Some up to 5-10 times, depending on the place. You have a total of 30 passes to use, and you can even use the passes at 30 different places if you want to. You can try anything from yoga to dance to karate, which is exactly what I did!
 Read more…

March 2016 goals-LetLezley

Goals for March 2016 (LetLezley & Personal goals)

    The beginning of March has been nothing short of hectic for me. I’ve decided to join the rest of the blogging world and share a little insight about my monthly goals, and report on the progress that I make each month. Since my blog is still brand new, I am just starting this off […] Read more…

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